WIN a Light Monkey 400' Reel

Discussion in 'Win This Prize!' started by Curt Bowen, Jan 12, 2017.


Yes, I would like to place my name in for a chance to win the Light Monkey reel.

  1. Yes, Place my Name

  2. No, I have so many Light Monkey reels, I could not use another.

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  1. Curt Bowen

    Curt Bowen Key Holder Advanced Diver Magazine / Forum Staff Member


    Vote on this Poll to place your name in the bucket for a chance to win this incredibly awesome Light Monkey reel donated by Joel and Corey.

    The winner of this reel will be selected on March 1st, 2017

    You must be an ADF Registered Member to WIN!

    Good Luck
  2. Greg McCuaig

    Greg McCuaig New Member

    Putting my name in the 'bucket' Greg McCuaig.
  3. Willem

    Willem New Member

    Just put my name in the " bucket" for this great reel, hope to take it with me next visit to mexico caves.
  4. Cora van der Draaij

    Cora van der Draaij New Member

    Great reel for my cavedive holiday in Mexico
  5. Gotta Love Light Monkey Reels!
  6. Deepstop

    Deepstop New Member

    I am in Mexico at the time of the draw, put my name in anyway :D
  7. JCulter

    JCulter Member

    Great reels. Can also be used for walking you dog. If you are lazy you can feed out 400 ft of line and still be able to track down the dog.
  8. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    I want one!!!!
  9. Dane

    Dane Member

    OK ok...I'll take it
  10. Shane250111

    Shane250111 New Member

    Hope to get it :)
  11. Mark Male

    Mark Male New Member

    Those are great reels! Good luck everyone!
  12. 022U

    022U New Member

    Would love to have a Light Monkey reel! Love my light!
  13. grb

    grb New Member

    I couldn't find a voting choice up there in the poll... no buttons or anything else to choose from.
    Anyway, I love the reel and would love it even more if I could get one for free :).
  14. Curt Bowen

    Curt Bowen Key Holder Advanced Diver Magazine / Forum Staff Member

    That is because you had already voted. Only one vote per member
  15. Paul Seldes

    Paul Seldes Member

    can't have too many reels!
    Richard Black likes this.
  16. Richard Black

    Richard Black Member

    So...who could have too many Light Monkey reels anyway?!?!?
  17. Dane

    Dane Member

    I'm in
  18. Zinc

    Zinc New Member

    LM rocks!

    Great promo, Liking the new forum...
  19. Curt Bowen

    Curt Bowen Key Holder Advanced Diver Magazine / Forum Staff Member

    Jason Crowder

    Is the winner of the Light Monkey reel
    Jason Crowder likes this.
  20. Jason Crowder

    Jason Crowder New Member

    Thank you guys!! A well needed upgrade from my old school OMS reel.

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