NSS-CDS Board of Directors Election

Discussion in 'Cave Diving Center' started by Richard Black, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Richard Black

    Richard Black Member

    Friends, It's time to vote in the 2017 NSS-CDS Board of Directors election. There are 3 board members up for re-election and several candidates for the positions. Platform statements are available on the NSS-CDS website. Just click the link. I consider all the candidates friends and know many of them well. They are all very capable people but I do not believe it would be a good idea for the NSS-CDS to see a change in the board at this time. I just spent a few months working closely with the current board and know how dedicated and professional they all are. I know why they were able to lead the NSS-CDS through a very difficult time and have the organization thriving today. They have more good work to do so I ask everybody to please vote for Joe Citelli, Al Clements, and Cheryl Doran to be re-elected to the NSS-CDS Board of Directors.

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